Armand HairabedianNew Client Onboarding Associate

    As the representative of first impressions, Armand plays a vital role in delivering the highest level of service to all clients, especially those new to our firm!

    Armand finds tremendous fulfillment when he is part of the firms success, and works diligently to be a source of knowledge and positivity in the office. As a nationally recognized athlete, Armand works with a deep sense of self-discipline, optimism, and Resilience, which is at the core of his interactions.

    As a Business Finance student at Cal Poly Pomona, he is determined in expanding his knowledge to provide the highest value to our clients. His career aspirations are to become a successful Financial Advisor, and welcomes Johns mentorship along the way!

    In his free time Armand likes to play basketball, spend time with his family, and study for his insurance licenses, which he hopes to attain many!

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